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The RainDance ThunderStorm™ System is a fully automated high-throughput targeted sequencing solution that enables researchers to process more samples per day and generate higher-quality data faster than ever before. The system features true walkaway capabilities that will automatically process up to 96 samples and access up to eight different primer panels. The ThunderStorm System leverages RainDance’s proven single molecule PCR technology that generates millions of unique microdroplet PCR reactions, enabling scientists to target up to 20,000 genomic loci in a single sample. The RainDance ThunderStorm System combines premium performance and a proven technology platform to deliver unprecedented daily sample throughput with the most attractive running economics and minimal hands-on time.
Depth 30 in
Height 29.2 in
Width 41.2 in
Power Requirements 100-240 V AC / 50-60 Hz
Peak Power 60 W
Weight 400 lbs
Additional Specifications Operating environment:  
Room temperature (15-30° C) 
Thermal control:  
Samples and panels maintained at 10° C 
Droplet throughput:  
Up to 3,000 droplets per second 
Sample throughput:  
48-96 samples per day


Comprehensive genomic coverage: Determine all variation contained in any desired region of the genome 
Unparalleled target selection: Increased accuracy and greater coverage uniformity; requires less sequencing per sample than alternative enrichment methods 
Production ready for clinical research lab: Enable high-throughput screening and validation for mutation analysis and interpretation for genetic disorders using next-generation sequencing 
Reduced sample input requirements: Use as little as 250ng of unamplified genomic DNA 
Elimination of downstream NGS library processing: Integrate sequencing adaptors directly into sequence-ready targets with RainDance’s Tailed Primer Assay 
Fast turnaround and simple workflow: Generate sequence-ready samples in as little as 4 hours from sample to sequencer 
Designed for the future: Enabled for amplicon sizes from 150bp - 1.5kb today and up to ~10 kb in the future


ThunderStorm™ System

ThunderStorm™ System

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Fully automated high-throughput platform enables researchers to process more samples and generate high-quality data faster and easier than ever before...

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