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An Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) platform, lets users organize their thoughts, ideas and data into the real research story - much as a paper notebook does, but with the benefits of sharing, searching, digital signatures, templates and more! 
Projects, documents, data and notebooks are managed centrally on your secure SigmaCERF Server and can be created, utilized and reviewed from anywhere with an Internet connection.


SigmaCERF provides the features you need in an ELN solution. SigmaCERF does more than simply replace your paper lab notebooks with a digital solution. SigmaCERF is a highly usable and useful product that offers the features you need to improve research performance throughout your organization. 
  • Designed for life scientists and the diversity of R&D 
  • Combines full-function ELN with scientific content management solution, collaboration, project organization 
  • Built on standards and ontologies to enable extensibility and rich content - The Semantic ELN 
  • Cross-platform - user's share the same experience on Windows/Linux/Mac platforms 
  • The Knowledge Worker's desktop: SigmaCERF unifies personal and team activities and content. SigmaCERF is designed to be user-centric rather than data-centric 
  • Offers adaptable and customizable add-on components: The SigmaCERF Development Kit includes the Ontology Manager suite for the creation of forms, templates, workflows, scientific data & metadata models, controlled vocabularies and database integration. 


SigmaCERF - An Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)

SigmaCERF - An Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)

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