Thermo Scientific Nalgene Autoclavable Desiccators


Nalgene Autoclavable Desiccators

Thermo Scientific* Nalgene Desiccators have a robust polypropylene body and are highly resistant to all solid desiccants. 
Desiccators have a transparent PC cover for easily viewing contents. Small size (5315-0150) comes with a 140mm aluminium plate. Plate for large size (5309-0250) sold separately. 
Do not use concentrated acids as desiccants.


  • Clear polycarbonate cover has recessed rim to keep grease off benchtop when cover is set down 
  • No gasket required, only grease is needed 
  • Large desiccator (Cat. No. 5310-0250) takes any standard 230mm desiccator plate such as Cat. No. 5312-0230 (sold separately) 
  • Autoclavable. Repeated autoclaving will reduce the life of the product 


Nalgene* Autoclavable Desiccators

Nalgene* Autoclavable Desiccators

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