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The mapping of droplets and particle size is one of the most important measurement parameters required to understand many industrial flows with particle generation. 
With more than 15 years of experience in particle size measurements, Dantec Dynamics brings new knowledge to the area of Particle Characterization with the Interferometic Particle Imaging System.  
The Interferometic Particle Imaging is a concept for particle measurements based on the use of a laser light sheet and cameras as in PIV and LIF measurements. The concept is also being introduced in the DynamicStudio software and is based on the same components.


Interferometric detection 
The measurement principle is based on interferometric detection of light scattered and refracted from individual particles in an ordinary laser light sheet, which is then imaged onto a camera. Since it is a calibrated interferometric detection, the accuracy of the size measure is unsurpassed compared to most alternative methods. The set-up and calibration of the detection system is balanced to perform in the desired particle range with a dynamic range better than 1:20. 
There are many benefits gained from interferometric detection. The particles are registered individually, and thus their position is also known. Using double pulsed light sheets as in PIV measurements, the individual particle is registered with particle size, velocity and position in the image. 
Interferometrically produced fringes from individual droplets is the basic measurement principle behind the Interfermetic Particle Imaging. The result shows an instantaneous plot of particle size/velocity, scalar maps and diameter histogram generated in DynamicStudio, the software package for the Interfermetic Particle Imaging Solution. 
With these basic measurement parameters stored, instantaneous results of particle size and velocity are easily generated in the DynamicStudio software. Advanced derivatives such as accurate computation of mass flux and statistics are readily available. 
Particle sizing and beyond 
The Interferometic Particle Imaging solution can be used in combination with other Dantec Dynamics solutions, for example planar LIF, and is thus able to measure on similar large areas. Likewise upgrades of PIV and LIF systems are possible.




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Dear all. Should the dual camera be perpendicular to the laser sheet? Or should it be on the angle of scattering? Best regards.

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