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Isolera™ Prime

Isolera Prime is the new standard in value-priced flash purification systems delivering a full range of features and cost-saving benefits. This flexible system is upgradeable and grows with the needs of laboratories and universities where value is especially important. Isolera Prime is compatible with Biotage flash cartridges, including the new value-priced Biotage ZIP™. 
Isolera Prime is the newest addition to the acclaimed Isolera automated flash system family, specifically designed for chemists needing an automated purification platform to increase productivity delivering high value and just the right features.
Isolera™ Prime
Maximum Pressure 145 psi
Standard Flow Rate 5 to 100 ml/min
Depth 9.6 in
Height 23.5 in
Width 14 in
Power Requirements 100–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 4.0 A
Weight 66 lbs
Additional Specifications Solvent delivery:  
Constant volume electric HPFC pump 
Pressure limit:  
145 psi (10 bar) 
UV Detection:  
Choice of variable dual-wavelength (200–400 nm) or fixed (254 nm) detector 
Flow cell path length:  
0.3 mm 
UV collection modes:  
Single wavelength, Dual wavelength (variable UV) 
Fractionation modes:  
Volume, threshold, threshold with volume, low slope, medium slope, custom slope 
Collection vessels:  
Test tubes (13, 16, 18, and 25 mm) and bottles (120, 240, and 480 mL) 
System control and data management:  
On-board computer with 10.4” diagonal touch screen interface 
CE, cTÜVus


  • Value based system with a full range of features 
  • Solvent-saving Gradient Optimization can reduce solvent use up to 60% lowering system 
  • Upgradeable and grows to your needs 
  • 145 psi (10 bar) pressure capability enables both normal-phase and reversed-phase purification 
  • Patented TLC-to-Gradient feature eliminates method development guessing and re-runs 
  • Up to 100 mL/min flow rate to speed purification 
  • Utilizes new Biotage ZIP™ cartridges and high performance Biotage® SNAP cartridges 
  • Small footprint minimizes bench and hood space 
  • Large 10.4 inch (26.4 cm) touchscreen with large buttons simplifies user interaction 
  • Easy to use software enables fast method development 
  • Two UV detector options to address different application needs 
  • Holds four solvents providing binary gradient flexibility 
  • 4.8-L fraction capacity minimizes rack changes 
  • ELSD accessory enables detection and collection of UV-transparent molecules 


Isolera™ Prime Flash Purification System

Isolera™ Prime Flash Purification System

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Isolera pumps won`t run.

We trying to diagnose pump issue and can`t seem to get anywhere without access to the service menu. Please see if you can help us, we looking for the service password.

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