Teledyne Leeman Labs Hydra II AF Gold


Hydra II AF Gold

Hydra IIAF Gold is a fully automated cold vapor atomic fluorescence Hg analyzer designed to meet the requirements of all current low-level Hg analysis methods including: EPA methods 1631 and 245.7 as well as EN methods 13506 and 12338. This system delivers a detection limit well below 0.05 ppt when gold amalgamation is used and 0.1 ppt without it. It also provides a dynamic range that extends to 250 ppb and productivity tools that are unmatched by other CVAF instruments. Tools like advanced high concentration protection and an autosampler that holds up to 270 samples.
Hydra II AF Gold
Additional Specifications Usag:    
• Primarily for liquid samples   
• Determine Hg from 0.05 ppt to high ppb levels   
Detection Limit:    
<0.05 ppt    
Dynamic Range:    
<0.00005 to 250 ppb    
Scientific Method:    
Chemical reduction followed by cold vapor atomic absorption   
Gas/Liquid Separation:    
Leeman Labs Gen3 serpentine gas/liquid separator provides exceptional sensitivities and recoveries, even for samples that foam during reduction N.A.   
Software Interface:    
Hydra’s software provides ease-of-use and compatibility with other MS Windows® applications including WordTM, ExcelTM and AccessTM. It also permits custom report generation and data recalculation as well as connectivity to most LIMS systems


Achieve ultralow d.l.s with Hydra's proprietary fluorescence cell and user selectable, automated gold amalgamation system   
-Detection limits well below 0.05 ppt with gold amalgamation and 0.1 without it   
Minimize the need for dillutions and reruns with Hydra's wide dynamic range   
-0.1 ppt up to 250 ppb   
Achieve higher stability   
-Flow through rinse minimizes sample to sample carryover   
-Smart rinse minimizes time associated with the rinse step   
-Automatic baseline correction yields significant stability improvements   
Run more samples with Hydra's high capacity autosampler   
-Up to 180 samples when amalgamation is used and 270 samples when amalgamation is not needed   
-Huge cups for continuing QCs (e.g. CCB and CCV)   
Protect yourself from those samples with unexpectedly high concentrations of Hg   
-Hydra II's advanced over-range protection system will prevent productivity loses by preventing system contamination (and reruns) from samples that contain unexpectedly high concentrations of Hg   
Run your samples faster for improved productivity and lower cost of analysis   
-Analysis times of about 3 minutes per sample with gold amalgamation and under 2 minutes per sample without it   
Trouble-free operation    
-Unique over-range sample protection   
-Handle difficult and/or foaming samples with Hydra's advanced gas/liquid separator   
-Built-in on-screen maintenance schedule with audio visual help   
-User-friendly software   
-Long life pump tubing   
-Maintenance-free membrane dryer   
Top Notch Service    
-Factory trained engineers perform instrument installation and provide on-site training   
-Toll-free technical support   
-Full 1-year warranty   
-Optional on-site 1631 certification support by a Leeman Labs Applications specialist   
New Software Tools    
-On-screen navigation   
-21 CFR 11 tools   
-Flexible report generation and data export


Hydra IIAF Gold

Hydra IIAF Gold

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