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Let's start with the basics - ergonomics, safety, reliability, ease, performance. You get it all with the Flexar LC. The elegant user interface is streamlined to improve throughput and optimize operator safety. And Flexar simplifies your process so you can focus on your application. It's the HPLC system you'll count on day after day.


  • Integrated LC tube management for streamlined chromatography   
  • Hidden plug and play drainage automatically interconnects with components added to system   
  • Convenient solvent manager with integrated degasser and software communication link   
  • Built on rugged and reliable PerkinElmer LC technology for maximum uptime and low cost of ownership   




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Flexar Flow Cell Assembly

Is there a place to purchase a Perkin Elmer or equivalent brand flow cell for a Perkin Elmer Flexar UV Detector, series 292N00. . .?  Specifically, the plastic flow cell interior pathlength part is needed, not the entire flow cell assembly.

Flashing Red Check Mark on UV Detector

What does the flashing red check mark on the UV detector indicate?  Would it be the monochrometer, power supply, or other problem?  I changed the Deuterium lamp and solvent to HPLC grade water.  The check mark stills flashes red...

probleme d'injecteur

j'ai un probleme avec l'injecteur flexar 200 hplc autosamplers, la course du piston s'arrete pendant l'injecteion Translation Via Google Translate I have a problem with the injector Flexar hplc autosamplers 200 , the piston...

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