Alpha & Omega Microscopes 1200



This binocular microscope is the a perfect choice for college classrooms, physicians' offices, veterinary clinics, the medical clinics, emergency rooms, urinalysis labs, and medical students.
Microscope Type Upright
Additional Specifications Construction: Rugged alloy; acid and reagent resistant finish 110V or 220V power       
Nosepiece: Multiple ball bearing quadruple nosepiece       
Binocular head: Inclined 45 degrees, rotatable 360 degrees, dual diopter adjustments, 10x wide field eyepieces.       
4x Din Achromatic N.A. .10       
10x Din Achromatic N.A. .25       
40x Din Achromatic N.A. .65       
100x Din Achromatic N.A. 1.25 (oil immersion)       
Illumination: Halogen light source (12v 20w bulb), built-in 110V or 220V power transformer.       
Stage: Mechanical stage (115mm x 135mm) with coaxial drive controls, range of traverse is 76mm x 50mm       
Adjustment Controls       
Eyepiece: Interpupillary distance adjustment range 55-75mm       
Stage: Controls Lateral and Forward/Reverse positioning       
Course Adjustment: Range of 15mm       
Fine Adjustment: Graduation of 2um       
Variable Light Adjustment: 0 - 20w output       
Condenser: Abbe Condenser (N.A. 1.25) with aperture diaphragm, includes filter holder with filters.





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Alpha & Omega was founded in 1959 to provide microscope service to the Washington D.C, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Deleware & West Virginia...

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