Accu-Scope 3030 Series


3030 Series

The 3030 inverted microscope series brings superior research level optics for the study of cultures and liquid deposits to laboratories, hospitals and educational institutions at an affordable price. The most advanced optical and mechanical components are incorporated to offer exceptional value, versatility and performance to meet the exacting requirements of life science professionals.   
Inverted microscopes with superior optics for the study of cultures and liquids in laboratories, hospitals and educational institutions. These microscopes have advanced optical and mechanical components to meet the requirements of life science professionals.
3030 Series
Microscope Type Inverted


  • WF10x eyepieces, 18mm field of view   
  • Siedentopf trinocular viewing head inclined 45º and rotatable 360º; 100%    
    or 20/80% light distribution split (binocular 100% or binocular 20% / trinocular 80%)   
  • 55-75mm interpupillary distance settings   
  • ±5 Diopter adjustment    
  • Long Working Distance DIN PLAN achromat and PLAN PHASE    
    objectives; configuration upon model   
  • Pre-centered, long working distance (30mm) N.A. 0.4 Abbe condenser   
  • Variable Koehler 6 volt 20 watt illumination   
  • Blue, green and white filters   
  • Digital camera with imaging software available   
  • 5 year limited warranty   




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ACCU-SCOPE® microscopes have a world class reputation for excellence. Our optics are renowned for crisp, high contrast images with outstanding resolution....

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