Thermo Scientific Nalgene MF75 0.1µm PES Filter Units


Nalgene MF75 0.1µm PES Filter Units

Nalgene Brand, long the leader in laboratory filtration, now offers even faster and cleaner filtration with the new MF75™ 0.1µm PES Filter unit product line. These new filter units feature an extremely clean, fast-flowing asymmetric 0.1µm PES membrane that provides ultraclean media filtration for mycoplasma and bacteria, outstanding throughput, and low protein binding of cell culture media and other solutions. The new 0.1µm membrane protects your sterilized media and cell cultures from contamination by mycoplasma or bacteria.


  • Fast speed to save customers time. Comparable flow rates to other 0.1µm PES filter units 
  • 0.1µm PES membrane has low protein binding and low extractables - the ideal membrane for ultra-clean sterilization for media 
  • Easy-to-use ergonomic shape 
  • Lot identification right on the product 
  • Guaranteed leakproof closure system 
  • Nalgene Certified performance 


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