Metrohm 896 Professional Detector


896 Professional Detector

Intelligent stand-alone detector equipped with the high performance conductivity detector IC Conductivity Detector and the IC Amperometric Detector, with the four measuring modes DC, PAD, flexIPAD and CV. For intelligent IC Instruments or as independent detector for conductivity and amperometric detection.


Conductivity detector:       
  • GLP-compliant monitoring of operating time       
  • «DSP» – Digital Signal Processing       
  • Dynamic working range       
  • High-low detection – unique suppression-mode switching for analyses using both electronic and chemical suppression       
  • Complete signal processing within the protected detector block       
  • Highly integrated and compact design       
  • 6 stored example chromatograms       
Amperometric detector:       
Measuring cells in wall-jet or thin-layer geometry are available for different applications.       
  • Amperometric detector for the determination of electroactive components       
  • Flexible Setup as stand-alone or inlay detector for IC and HPLC       
  • Outstanding selectivity due to different measuring modes: DC, PAD, flexIPAD, CV       
  • High sensitivity through excellent signal/noise ratio       
  • Large measuring range to solve analytical challenges       
  • Easy to use, due to robust, intelligent measuring cells in wall-jet or thin-layer geometry       
  • Large variety of working electrodes: Au, Ag, Pt, GC       
  • Different maintenance-free reference electrodes       
  • Single-range measurement of current or charge       
  • Very fast start-up without long equilibration times       
  • Leak sensor in the cell compartment       
  • Fully compliant with Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation techniques like Inline Dilution, Inline Ultrafiltration or Inline Dialysis       
  • Controlled by MagIC Net™ -the software for Ion Chromatography       


896 Professional Detector - Conductivity & Amperometry

896 Professional Detector - Conductivity & Amperometry

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