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The automatic liquid sampler works with the PrepStation system to automate sample preparation procedures. The automatic liquid sampler will become a part of your gas chromatography system: introducing samples to an inlet or column on your GC system.

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Acquired by Philips

Hewlett Packard has been designing and manufacturing medical equipment for many years. They first branched out their company into...

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Hewlett Packard 7673 Injector

Hello, I have a HP 7673 injector on top of my HP 5890 series II GC,  Everytime i run the 7673 it goes through all the procedures it should before injecting perfectly, but then when it comes time to inject it makes the injection motion...

Problem with Hewlett Packard 7673 Autosampler

Hi,we have Hewllet Packard GC series II which equipped by Hewlett Packard 7673 Auto sampler and split injector. the is a problem with auto sampler, I should use it for quantification of fatty acids, but all the peaks are huge ( specially solvent...

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HP 7673B Autosampler - 1 Year Warranty Available

Price: Call GenTech


Configuration: Complete System

Refurbished GC/MS System with Autosampler - 2 Year Warranty

Price: Call GenTech


Configuration: Complete System

HP 5890 II GC with Headspace sampler 7694

Price: 9,795


Configuration: As Shown

HP 7673B Autosampler Injector 11247

Price: $1,440.00


Configuration: As Shown

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