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Optima™ XPN

Look no further – you’ve found the ultra of ultracentrifuges: the Optima XPN. No other floor-model preparative ultracentrifuge offers this level of design, functionality, and performance. Possessing all of the attributes of our entry-level model, the XE, the Optima XPN boasts additional enhancements that will simplify use, optimize control and security, and increase productivity. You’ll applaud its intelligent user interface, networking and remote control capabilities, and energy efficiency. And of course, our total system design backed by our exclusive rotors, labware, and unparalleled service.
Optima™ XPN
Centrifuge Type Ultraspeed
Maximum RCF 694000 xg
Maximum Speed 90000 rpm
Noise Level < 51 dB
Orientation Floor Standing
Refrigerated Yes CFC-Free
Depth 68.1 cm
Height 125.7 cm
Width 94 cm
Power Requirements 200–240V, 30 A, 50/60 Hz
Weight 485 kg
Additional Specifications Approximate Acceleration Time: 10 acceleration profiles 
Approximate Deceleration Time: 11 deceleration profiles  
Maximum Heat Dissipation into Room under Steady-State Conditions: 3400 BTU/hr (1.0 kW) 
Set Speed: 1,000 to 90,000 rpm in 100-rpm increments  
Set Temperature: 0 to 40° C in 1° C increments  
Set Time: Up to 999 hours 59 minutes


  • Large Touch-screen Display 
    Easy to read and navigate. Viewable from across the lab. Intuitive graphical interface with on-screen help. Multilingual software for error-free operation. 
  • Improved Power Tolerance 
    Maintains runs during power fluctuations. Handles a wider tolerated range of 180 VAC to 264 VAC. Tracks power interruption data to convey if parameters remained within an acceptable range.  
  • Security and tracking features 
    Manage rotor life by serial number. Track detailed usage history. Password protection and electronic signatures help you maintain chain of custody and compliance. 
  • Remote Monitoring and Control 
    Saves time. Start, stop, and monitor from computer or smart phone. Receive diagnostic alerts via e-mail.  
  • Real-time Run Graphing 
    Plots speed and temperature over time, allowing you to track and record progress. 
  • Powerful On-board Simulation and Calculation Tools 
    Saves time and samples. Proprietary software optimizes protocols before running to ensure maximum efficiency. Quickly perform common calculations and conversions. 
  • Energy Efficient 
    Regenerative braking returns energy to local circuit reducing utility costs. Highly efficient thermoelectric cooling results in lower power consumption. Uses the same amount of power as a 60-watt light bulb while idling. 
  • Quiet-drive Technology 
    Designed for lowest drive noise – this is the quietest floor model on the market. Operates at less than 51dBA.  
  • Total System Design 
    The Optima XPN, its rotors and its labware are designed, manufactured, and tested as an integrated system to ensure optimal performance and safety for your lab.
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    Optima™ XPN

    Optima™ XPN

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    Lab tech applied too much vacuum grease to the point where I had to clean the 1/4" thick mess from the underside of the door.  Now the centrifuge displays a diagnostic error "slow to vacuum" A401.  Meaning it pulls vacuum...

    Mr Anthony O'Hagan

    Does any body no the service code for the beckman optima xnp -100 ultra centrifuges

    Door error

    I have an optima xpn with a door diagnostic 802 I think. It locks me out for 5 mins but won't run after I acknowledge the error. Is they any way I could clear the error or a code to clear the error. Does the machine need to be left on for a period...

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