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The Thermo Scientific KR4i delivers outstanding performance in a refrigerated floor standing unit. this versatile, compact centrifuge is ideal for high-throughput clinical applications as well as genomics, proteomics, and biochemistry research. It features guaranteed run-to-run reproducibility and absolute sample temperature control and accepts large sample numbers and volumes. With the embedded CQCS Network Quality Control System, the KR4i centrifuge provides the ultimate in traceability according to GLP, GMP and ISO 9000 standards
Centrifuge Type Low Speed
Maximum Capacity 6 x 1000mL; 12 x quin or quad blood bags
Maximum RCF 5735 xg
Maximum Speed 4250 rpm
Orientation Floor Standing
Refrigerated Yes_
Speed Range 500 to 4250
Depth 90 cm
Height 94.5 cm
Width 78 cm
Weight 346 kg
Additional Specifications Temperature: -8° to +40°C  
Memory: 24 programs, individual password


Ultimate in Versatility 
  • Blood banking capabilities allows processing up to 12 quin or quad blood bags with or without filters 
  • High-capacity rotors available for pharmaceutical, clinical, genomics, proteomics, biochemistry, pathology research, RIA and large volume processing 
  • 3 swing out rotors, a wide selection of accessories and an unparalleled microplate capacity to allow processing up to 48 standard microplates or 12 to 18 deepwell plates in a single run 
Accurate and Dependable 
  • Guaranteed lifetime reproducibility, run to run by automatic High Reproducibility Factor (integral)—Ideal for platelet production 
  • True RCF: Using programmed radius allowing for use of adapters 
  • Careful sample handling: Liners enable blood bags to be inserted and removed without force 
  • Patented temperature sensor and software independent of the bowl for accurate sample temperature control 
  • Intuitive VIDEOset* graphic microprocessor control system with pictures and message 
Unparalleled Safety 
  • Sealed buckets and microplate carriers are certified to IEC 1010-2-020 for biocontainment by CAMR* Porton Down 
  • Built-in imbalance detection and shutdown, guard barrier, dual lid interlock, current and overtemperature protection 
  • Automatic rotor recognition prevents rotor overspeed 
Complete Data Management 
  • Available Thermo Scientific CQCS Network Quality Control System provides the ultimate in traceability according to GLP, GMP and ISO 9000 standards. 
  • Integration of 32 centrifuges in a single network for easy data capture, storage, and processing by laboratory information management systems (LIMS) or electronic lab notebooks 
Rotor Availability 
  • RP6 Windshielded Swinging Bucket Rotor (ideal for clinical and basic research laboratories) offers max capacity of 6 x 1000mL bottles or 12 x 550mL quin/quad blood bags with filter options 
  • RC6 Swinging Bucket Rotor with sealed round buckets or oval blood bag buckets for diverse applications 
  • RC4 Windshielded Swinging Bucket rotor with max capacity of 4 x 1600mL bottles or 8 x 550 quin/quad/triple blood bags 
  • RHK4B Diagnostic Rotor to use with LKB racks and RIA tubes 




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