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The ultrasonic processor UIP2000 (20kHz, 2000W) is a powerful and adaptable ultrasonic device for the industrial processing of liquids. It is used for applications, such as emulsification, dispersing & particle fine milling, lysis & extraction or homogenizing.   
Despite the enormous power of the ultrasonic processor UIP2000 (2000 watts, 20kHz), this ultrasonic device does not need any additional cooling by water or compressed air. The device can be operated continuously in air, too. The robust design of the transducer, made of stainless steel and titanium, enables use under extreme conditions of dust, dirt, higher temperatures and humidity.
Homogenizer Type Ultrasonic


  • Adaptable System   
  • Industrial Grade and Outstanding Efficiency   
  • Full Amplitude Control and High Performance    
  • Automatic Frequency Tuning   
  • Testing and Evaluation on Good Terms   




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replacement cost

what is a used hielscher uip 2000 unit worth, what does a new unit cost?

The equipment stop

We have a 2000 W transducer and a source, today we try to test the equipment and put the switch in on, but the system did not start. The relay smell a little bit, but very few. The equipment do not operates, you can help us if some similar...

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