This range of orbital incubators with netwise technology incorporates superior illumination, CFC free construction, accurate temperature control and the unique InCuSaFe™ interior. These are designed to maximize the growth of microorganisms and cells under strict conditions of temperature, time, light and agitation.
Depth 535 mm
Height 385 mm
Width 810 mm
Power Requirements 220/240V, 50Hz
Additional Specifications Orbit Diameter: 32mm   
Orbiting speed range, rpm: 25 to 400 in 1rpm increments   
Platform size (l x w), mm: 690 x 485   
Window size, double glazed, mm: 545 x 190   
Internal dimensions (w x d x h), mm: 810 x 535 x 385


    Heated ORBI-SAFE   
    Safe-Temp temperature control system which ensures accurate temperature measurement, close control and uniformity guaranteeing reproducible results and maximum product yield.   
    Easyfix Platform    
    Accepts conical flasks from 25mL to 5L and specially designed test tube holders.   
    A copper enriched stainless steel interior chamber which provides natural germicidal protection without rust or corrosion.   
    Soft-start Agitation    
    Prevents violent shaking of the sample and cell damage during start up, resulting in minimum cell damage and maximum yield.   
    Refrigerated ORBI-SAFE    
    This model has all the advanced features of the heated ORBI-SAFE plus refrigeration allowing operation at temperatures 15°C below ambient conditions.   




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Shaking incubator doesn't start

Our company has a Panasonic ORBI-SAFE shaking incubator. And there are some issues with it. When we turn it on, the main screen lights up, but without any information on it. Also the fan starts spinning. The incubator program doen't start...


What is the rotor radius? I am trying to figure out the "g"based on the number of rpm I am actually using.

Sanyo OrbiSafe Shaking Incubator

Does anyone have a temperature control board for a Sanyo Orbi safe shaking incubator?

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