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For over half a century, laboratories around the world have relied on Thermo Scientific spectrophotometers for quick, easy measurements in water, quality control, clinical facilities, and in teaching laboratories. The new SPECTRONIC 200 spectrophotometer couples the simplicity and reliability of the SPECTRONIC 20 and GENESYS 20 instruments with 21st century technology and a bold new design that promises years of trouble-free performance.
Bandwidth <= 4nm
Light Source Tungsten-halogen
Optics Single Beam
Photometric Range -0.3 A to 2.5 A
Stray Light <0.2%T (with SPECTRONIC standard SRM 400 filter)
Wavelength Range 340 to 1000 nm
Depth 11.8 in
Height 3.6 in
Width 15.3 in
Power Requirements 100–240V, 50/60Hz (selected automatically)
Weight 9.7 lbs


Rugged, Practical Design   
  • With no internal parts, there's nothing to wear out   
  • Sample compartment lifts out for easy cleaning   
  • Polymer construction resists corrosion from acidic or oxidizing solutions   
  • Navigation pad and on-screen menus are second nature to any modern user   
  • Compact footprint saves space in your lab   
  • Cuvette racks on both sides of the sample compartment help you keep track of samples   
  • No computer or serial cable required; Just plug it in and you're ready to measure   
The Perfect Tool for Routine Spectroscopic Measurements   
  • Large, bright, color LCD adjusts to the perfect angle for any technician to view   
  • Standard sample compartment accommodates both 10mm square cuvettes and test tubes up to 25mm (1 inch) diameter   
  • Room light immune optical system lets you measure tall test tubes with the lid open   
  • Analyzer mode allows you to program standard methods   
  • Screen-print feature gives a permanent record of your data   
  • Quantitative analysis with either a factor or up to four standards offers confidence   
  • Available Thermo Scientific piQue software, for your computer, controls the instrument and provides data manipulation, storage and report printing options   
Not ready to part with your old Thermo Scientific Spec 20 or GENESYS 20?   
  • The SPECTRONIC 200 will emulate the interface and controls on your old instrument to integrate seamlessly into your laboratory   




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Plum Creek QC

We are setting up and using a new Spectronic 200.  The default for abs measurement is reading in hundreths.  How do you switch to read in thousandths?  We use 580 wavelength for reading HCHO emissions with the chromotropic wet...

Spectronic 200 resetting itself

Hello,   I just purchased an used/non working spectronic 200 model. The unit goes through start up OK, to the point of dark calibration. When it seems to be going to the next step, a click sound is heard and the spectrometer resets...

Unstable reading

My unit does not pass the lamp test.  Then absorbance readings are unstable, especially in Blue range.  What steps will troubleshoot this problem?

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