Shimadzu PPSQ-31A/33A



In addition to the features of the conventional PPSQ series, our newly developed sequencer software integrates the two conventional PPSQ system and HPLC system software packages. As a result, selection/input of analytical conditions, as well as reaction steps, and analysis results can all be controlled easily from a single window. In addition, the newly developed sequencer software provides important chromatogram reprocessing for determining amino acid sequences. This software processes multiple chromatograms aggregated by sample, thereby significantly improving data analysis functionality. Furthermore, by adopting the newest HPLC analysis system, noise levels are reduced, enabling high sensitivity detection of PTH-amino acids.


Highly sensitive detection 
Reducing noise levels has enabled high sensitivity detection of PTH-amino acids. (Noise level 0.5x10-5 AU:Detector unit)  
Adopts the latest HPLC analysis system 
UV-VIS detector SPD-20A 
Solvent delivery unit LC-20AT  
Analysis stability  
Baseline stability is ensured by analyzing PTH-amino acids in isocratic mode. As a result, sequence identification is easily performed when analyzing minute samples. 
Newly developed software 
Both operability and data analysis functionality are improved thanks to the newly developed software. 
PTH-amino acid analysis in isocratic mode 
Retention time stability, simple HPLC maintenance, and reduced running costs have been achieved by adhering to isocratic PTH-amino acid analysis with a mobile phase circulation system. Waste liquid is minimized because the mobile phase can be reused.




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