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ekspert microLC 200

As the industry pioneer in micro flow UHPLC, Eksigent understands that sensitivity, throughput, and cost of ownership are of the utmost importance for high-throughput LC/MS/MS laboratories. The ekspert microLC 200 system is engineered from the ground up with these priorities in mind and redefine what is possible in high-throughput LC/MS/MS compared to analytical flow.   
Further to increasing throughput, the micro flow rate regime of the ekspert microLC 200 system can also improve the sensitivity performance of older mass spectrometers. This make the ekspert microLC 200 system a sound strategy when additional LC/MS/MS sensitivity is required but the reality of a limited budget needs to be respected.
ekspert microLC 200
Maximum Pressure 10000 psi
Standard Flow Rate 5 to 200 µL/min
Depth 20 in
Height 28 in
Width 25 in
Power Requirements 100-240VAC
Weight 55 lbs
Additional Specifications Sample Capacity: 6 trays, standard or deep 96-well 384-well microplates   
Cycle Time: <60 seconds


  • Up to a 4X increase in sensitivity   
  • Accelerate separations by up to 5X   
  • Reduce sample consumption by up to 10X   
  • Consume up to 95% less mobile phase   
  • Maximize lab space with functionally stackable design   


ekspert™microLC 200 System

ekspert™microLC 200 System

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