Thermo Scientific Forma Series II 3110


Forma Series II 3110

Thermo Scientific Forma Series II Water Jacketed CO2 Incubators combine precise CO2 control with a choice of TC or IR sensors, unsurpassed temperature stability, and superior parameter recovery characteristics, with innovative continuous contamination control technology. No wonder they are the first choice of researchers in academic, clinical, biotech and R&D labs around the world!
Forma Series II 3110
CO2 Incubator Type Water Jacketed
Internal Depth 20 in
Internal Height 26.8 in
Internal Width 26 in
Chamber Volume 6.5 cu. ft.
CO2 Range 0 to 20 %
Humidity Ambient to 95% at 37°C
Incubator Orientation Benchtop
Depth 25 in
Height 39.5 in
Width 26 in
Weight 265 lbs
Additional Specifications Humidity System: 3L stainless-steel pan  
Temperature Uniformity: ±0.2°C at 37°C  
Chamber: Polished stainless-steel interior with coved corners  
Shelving:Stainless steel  
Port(s): Chamber thru-wall access port with filter; RS-485 interface (optional)  
Shipping Weight: 324 lb. (147kg)


Proven Water Jacket Technology  
Temperature retention and quick recovery are especially important for researchers working with critical cell cultures. Our water jacketed incubator provides maximum thermal protection and quick recovery from swings in ambient temperature and power variations.  
* Durable triple wall cabinet construction ensures optimal temperature uniformity. The Series II water jacketed holds temperature longer and recovers to a uniform interior value more quickly than any other technology available today.  
* Patented, heated dual pane inner glass door minimizes bothersome condensation with improved responsiveness and faster temperature recovery.   
Do You Trust Your Power Supply?
Power outages can be detrimental to your cultures. If you aren’t completely confident in your power supply, consider the security of a Series II Incubator.  
* Product testing during a power failure in an 18°C (64.4F) ambient resulted in the water jacketed incubator’s temperature gradually dropping only 1°C – from 37°C to 36°C (98.6F to 96.8F) – in 1 hour and approximately 7.6°C in 10 hours.  
* The air jacketed incubator’s temperature dropped 3°C – from 37°C to 34°C (98.6F to 93.2F) – in 1 hour and 17°C in 10 hours.   
Easy to Configure and Use  
Quality construction. Reliable performance. Intuitive controls shared by other products with the Forma name. The Series II Incubator is designed for long life and ease of use.  
Control O2 Within the Culture  
Environment researchers seeking to experiment with the effect of suppressed oxygen concentration upon their cultures can select a Series II model with both CO2 and O2 control capabilities. Individual O2 display facilitates set point and monitoring of desired O2 levels in a range of 0 – 20% for hypoxic studies.


  • Forma* Series II 3110 Water-Jacketed CO2 Incubators
  • Forma* Series II 3110 Water-Jacketed CO2 Incubators
Forma* Series II 3110 Water-Jacketed CO2 Incubators

Forma* Series II 3110 Water-Jacketed CO2 Incubators

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heating problem

The incubator is not heating completely, just the top part is warming up and not very much. 

C02 does not calibrate

CO2 level in the screen shows 5%, but when I read the CO2 levels with an external device it shows 9% (Temperature 37 C and 100 % Humidity), I recalibrate, however, the CO2 level is still above 5%. Should I change the CO2 sensor?  

Maintaining a specific Temp

I'm trying to get our unit to maintain 20 -25 degrees Celcius and I was told this unit can not do that by tech support.  I had been able to do this before, has anyone had this problem?

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