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Excellent PCR results, shortest running times and the simplest operation – all fulfilled by the peqSTAR thermocycler, the most advanced, high performing cycler yet available. Driven by exceptional German engineering, the peqSTAR is a modern thermocycler, ready to take on the challenges of PCR. Truly a new STAR for molecular biology.
Gradient Capability Yes
Gradient Range 35 to 105 °C
Temperature Accuracy ± .1 °C
Depth 36 cm
Height 31 cm
Width 29 cm
Power Requirements 90 - 260 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz
Weight 13 kg
Additional Specifications Max. heating and cooling rate: 5 °C/s


Quickest running times – greatest life time 
Six powerful Peltier elements with Long Life Technology cooled using a revolutionary cooling body, two high durability cooling fans with magnetic bearings and a highly engineered thermoplate enable rapid temperature changes of up to 5 °C/s. 
Highest precision – in all areas 
Six PT 1000 thermal probes matched with six control circuits provide constant feedback and temperature control of each of the six Peltier elements – assuring the tightest correlation of target and actual temperature across the entire thermoplate. 
Built in quality and reproducibility – certified 
Proudly manufactured in Germany to the highest engineering specifications, certified under ISO 9001 quality regulations and accurately calibrated to NIST standards. 
Simple to use – powerful to command 
An integrated PC enables USB memory stick file sharing, LAN networking, password protected User Administration and a file management system, immediately familiar to users. With a sharp, clear TFT display and intuitive 'press screen' commands, just switch on the peqSTAR and you'll be ready to run.




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block temperature control error

the thermocycler is unable to go to the next step beacuse of being 0.1 degree under the optimal degree. and it only goes to the next step beacuse of timer time out. what should I do?

Segmentation Fault

The PEQ lab machine has been showing a segmentation fault error message since morning.   The program appears to be stuck at a certain line and somehow seems to be unable to get out of the loop.   Kindly help as this is very...

wrong temperature

Hello , HELP ME .i'm technician using PEQStar 96X, current device temperature error, help me, Please,send me password to calibration temperature and service Thanks!

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