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If only small quantities of valuable products or toxic material are to be analysed, the micro-dosing device ASPIROS/L can be applied. ASPIROS/L is mounted instead of the RODOS/L funnel and can be used in HELOS or QICPIC applications. Its encapsulated sample vial is prepared and filled with a few micrograms in a glove box or a fume cabinet. The sealed sample tube is inserted into ASPIROS/L. The unit's bar code reader identifies the sample, automatically applies the correct dispersion settings and releases the sample into the RODOS/L injector for analysis. Having an encapsulated HELOS or QICPIC measuring zone, no product is exposed to the environment. 
ASPIROS/L can be used as add-on to RODOS/L or OASIS/L.
Depth 242 mm
Height 125 mm
Width 280.3 mm
Additional Specifications Sample quantity: < 1 mg to about 1 g 
Measuring range:  
HELOS: 0.1 µm to 875 µm (R1 ... R5); 
QICPIC: 5 µm to 1200 µm (M6 ... M8) 
Dosing: speed controlled 
Sample preparation: glass tubes (e.g. filled in a fume cupboard) 
Capped tube: For safe handling and processing


Applications: Controlled dosing of dry powders as accessory to RODOS/L and OASIS/L




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