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The Agilent 7010 Particle Size Analyzer provides high speed particle size measurements on particles ranging from 5 nm to 15 µm. Using a proven UV-VIS spectrophotometer platform with a high-speed photodiode array and Mie scattering software; the 7010 makes high precision measurements in only 5 seconds. The 7010 brings a new, innovative approach to particle analysis that distinguishes multiple particle size distributions in complex mixtures.
Detector 1024-Element Diode Array
Size 5 to 15 µm
Measurement Time less than 5 seconds
Light Source Deuterium and Tungsten Lamps


  • Particle size spectrophotometry – learn more 
  • High speed size measurements from 5 nm to 15 µm 
  • Reliable results in only 5 seconds 
  • Resolves multi-modal distributions of complex mixtures as close as 1:1.5 
  • Accommodates small sample volumes as low as 3 µL 
  • Minimal sample prep and clean-up 
  • System includes computer, software, manuals, interface, and instrument 




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