Techne 3Prime Personal


3Prime Personal

Techne has upgraded its established personal cycler to become the most feature rich instrument on the market. Designed to provide easier programming and increased flexibility, it delivers a rapid ramping rate and small footprint ideal for research and teaching laboratories.   
Using a new color touch interface and ready-to-go templates, the user is intuitively guided to create even the most complicated programs. All units have the ability to transfer programmes via USB between instruments or to your PC. The outstanding touch interface provides a familair premium experience on all instruments in the Prime thermal cycler range.   
The Techne ³Prime cycler range is the most reliable low cost personal cycler solution on the market and is backed up by a 4 year warranty.
3Prime Personal
Gradient Capability No
Temperature Accuracy ± .25 °C at 55°C
Depth 350 mm
Height 180 mm
Width 210 mm
Power Requirements 100-230V, 50-60Hz
Weight 6
Additional Specifications Sample capacity (0.2ml): 24   
Sample capacity (0.5ml): 18   
Maximum heating rate: 3.0°C/s   
Block temperature range: 4 to 100°C   
Block uniformity at 55°C: 0.3°C   
Power: 155W   
Maximum number of programs stored: 1000   
Heating type: 2 peltier elementblock


  • Color touchscreen interface for fast program setup   
  • Small space-saving footprint   
  • Block options: 24x0.2ml (compatible with 8 well microtube strips) and 18x0.5ml   
  • Fast ramp rate of up to 3.0°C/sec   
  • Data transfer via USB   
  • Backed by Techne's 4 year warranty   


3Prime Personal Thermal Cycler

3Prime Personal Thermal Cycler

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Error code 1012 and 1013

Hello,Does anyone know how to resolve these error codes on the Techne 3prime thermal cycler?Thank you

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