Hach Company HIAC 8000A


HIAC 8000A

The HIAC 8000A processes and displays real-time sample data on an LCD display. Particle size distribution data displays in tabular format or graphic format. Get a clear view of analysis parameters, alarm conditions and standards protocol. Completely menu driven, the   
HIAC 8000A provides keyboard entry for calibration/voltage settings. Enter sample ID and operator names alphanumerically. Users can select alarm limits, selection of standards, sample volume, number of runs, sample time and delay time.The HIAC 8000A tests for a wide range of industry-accepted contamination standards as well as user-defined application-specific standards. Analytical features such as dilution factor, background subtraction and contamination standards reside in firmware EPROMS for easy upgrades.
HIAC 8000A
Depth 310 mm
Height 170 mm
Width 410 mm
Power Requirements 100 VAC, 110-120 VAC, 220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz ±1%
Weight 5 kg
Additional Specifications Frequency: 47 to 440 Hz ±1%


  • User selectable industry standards and calculations   
  • Storage of four calibration curves   
  • Eight keyboard selectable channels for sizing flexibility   
  • “Quick-adjust” continually tests counter performance   
  • Programmable background subtraction, programmable dilution factor   
  • Data archival, retrieval, and analysis using CountSpec™ Software; password protection
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    HIAC 8000A, Liquid Particle Counter

    HIAC 8000A, Liquid Particle Counter

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    Hi Users,    This is karthick from india. In our Lab we have HIAC8000A instrument. we have one problem in that instument. While trying to connect with the instrument its showing the following error. Error Cntr 1:sampler not...

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