JASCO VIR-100/200/300 Series


VIR-100/200/300 Series

The VIR-100/200/300 series are compact, lightweight, flexible FT-IR systems. The collimated entrance and exit ports make it an ideal instrument for a wide range of applications. The standard instrument includes a hermetically sealed interferometer, DLATGS detector, high intensity source, KRS-5 windows and automatic alignment. Options can be added for increased sensitivity, optional spectral ranges including NIR, and battery operation.



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Signal-to-Noise Ratio 12000:1
Wavenumber Range 7000 to 400 cm-1
Additional Specifications Resolution: 4 ~ 16 cm-1

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Signal-to-Noise Ratio 15000:1
Wavenumber Range 7800 to 350 cm-1
Additional Specifications Resolution: 0.5 ~ 16 cm-1

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Signal-to-Noise Ratio 3000:1
Wavenumber Range 15000 to 2200 cm-1
Additional Specifications Resolution: 0.5 ~ 16 cm-1


  • Three models available: VIR-100, 200 and 300. 
  • Simple and easy-to-use operability by combination of a variety of attachments and 
    measurement/analysis program 
  • Parallel configuration of up to three attachments in one system by newly developed 
  • External connection optics 
  • Universal optical base allowing the users to build customized systems 
  • Eco-friendly system including sleep-mode as well as compact & space-saving design 
  • High-speed monitoring using optional 40 Hz rapid scan 
  • Highly reliable data acquisition based on self-diagnostics & validation function 


VIR-100/200/300 Series

VIR-100/200/300 Series

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