GELoader tips

This pipette tip facilitates the loading of samples onto polyacrylamide gels for DNA sequencing. The GELoader Tip has a 15 mm capillary with a defined diameter of less than 0.3 mm. The flexibility of the tip prevents the gels from being damaged (see Microloader).
GELoader tips
Additional Specifications Purity grade: Eppendorf Quality 
Packaging type: Disposable rack 
Filter tip: Non-filter 
Volume range: 0.5-20 µL 
Tip fit: Universal 
LoRentention treated: No


  • Special tip for gel electrophoresis 
  • Ideal for loading samples onto sequencing gels 
  • Attached directly out of rack with pipette 
  • GELoader Tips and rack autoclavable (121°C, 20 min.) 
  • Fits onto Eppendorf pipettes for 0.5 to 10 µL (gray control button) 


Eppendorf GELoader tips

Eppendorf GELoader tips

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