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AKTAprime plus

ÄKTAprime plus is a compact one-step purification system that operates with most prepacked columns. For reliability and convenience, we recommend HiTrap, HiPrep or HiLoad columns that simply snap on to the side of the unit. The system has preprogrammed methods for typical applications such as purification of affinity tagged proteins, MAbs and sample clean-up. The flexible system can be used for more general purification tasks such as buffer exchange, gel filtration, ion exchange, HIC, and affinity chromatography.   
The unit is compact and comprises a system pump, fraction collector, monitors for UV, conductivity and pH (optional). Valves for buffer selection, sample injection, gradient formation, and flow diversion are also integrated into the system. The system is not PC controlled but together with PrimeView software it offers continuous real-time monitoring and evaluation of results.
AKTAprime plus
Depth 450 mm
Height 530 mm
Width 400 mm
Power Requirements 100-120/220-240 VAC
Weight 13 kg
Additional Specifications Flow rate: 0.1 ml/min-50 ml/min   
Operating Pressure Max.: 1 MPa (145 psi)   
Tubing i.d. [Flow Path]: 0.75 mm   
Single Wavelength Detection: Mercury lamp and 254 and 280 nm filters included. Optional filters for 313, 365, 405, 436 and 546 nm. Optional zink lamp with 214 nm filter.   
Multiple Wavelength Detection: No   
Flow Cell Path Length: 2 mm (optional 5 mm)   
pH Monitoring: 0-14   
Multiple Sample Injection: Optional, up to 2 samples   
Multi-Step Purification: Optional, up to 2 steps   
Relative Humidity: 20%-95% (non condensing)   
Viscosity: max 10 cP (10 ml/min)


  • Simple-to-use, preprogrammed templates covering all common techniques.   
  • Specific, quick, push-button methods for tagged protein purification.   
  • Optimal results with HiTrap, HiPrep and HiLoad prepacked columns.   


ÄKTAprime plus

ÄKTAprime plus

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