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The Leica CM1850 cryostat design incorporates emphasis on power savings, increased efficiency and operator safety.   
The result is a versatile cryostat with an optimized cooling system, rapid specimen freezing and smooth specimen orientation for the high-quality sectioning demanded in routine histology and clinical pathology.   
Up-to-date technology with an ergonomic design – for faster and safer sectioning.
Max. Specimen Size 55 x 55 mm
Microtome Type Rotary
Sectioning Speed .2 to .7 mm/s
Thickness Setting 1 to 60 µm (1 µm increments from 1 to 10 µm, 2 µm increments from 10 to 20 µm, 5 µm increments from 20 to 60 µm)
Depth 730 mm
Height 1140 mm
Width 730 mm (Including handweel)
Weight 135 kg (including microtome,w/o spec. cooling)
Part Number 14047131148 (120 V/60 Hz)
Additional Specifications Horizontal specimen feed: 25 mm 
Vertical stroke: 59 mm


Arranged user interface   
Logically and ergonomically arranged user interface means a shorter learning curve and fewer operating errors.   
Condensate bottle   
Condensate bottle supports a safer environment and increased user safety through easier collection, decontamination and discarding of the liquid condensate.   
Fast and smooth   
Fast and smooth specimen orientation with zero-position centering.   
Specimen retraction   
Specimen retraction avoids contact between cut specimen surface and blade on the return stroke for improved section quality.   
Coarse feed motorized   
Coarse feed motorized in two speeds in each direction allows fast approach of the specimen to the knife, which saves time, especially when used during trimming.


Leica CM1850

Leica CM1850

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