Spark Holland Symbiosis Fixed SPE


Symbiosis Fixed SPE

Spark Holland's easy introduction to on-line SPE. The Symbiosis™ Fixed SPE system can be connected to any LC, UHPLC and LC-MS configuration. The system works with the Spark 10 mm SPE cartridges or with a third party SPE column. Spark introduces two versions; the "Routine" Fixed SPE with one Spark cartridge or one SPE column and the Advanced" Fixed SPE 6 cartridges or SPE columns and the possiblity to bypass the SPE module and perform a direct LC injection.


  • Robust system configuration     
  • UHPLC SPE possible with third party UHPLC guard columns     
  • HPLC SPE with Spark 10 mm SPE cartridges.     
  • HPD solvent delivery for the SPE routine.      
    Fast switching between solvents.     
    Reproducible solvent volume.     
    Reproducible solvent flow.     
    Minimum 4 solvent – maximum 24 solvent.     
    Large volume sampler (up to 1 liter) injector     
  • Sample concentration     
  • Sample clean-up     
  • 40 different sorbents available – reversed phase, ion exchange etc.     


Symbiosis™ Fixed SPE

Symbiosis™ Fixed SPE

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