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The Power of X 
The ASPEX EXpressx is the fastest integrated desktop SEM solution on the market today. For academic and commercial applications that require rapid, automated particle counting and detection, EXpressx provides precision and accuracy in identifying and characterizing quality issues so you can make informed decisions. 
What sets it apart from conventional EDX SEMs is the revolutionary, proprietary OmegaMax™ technology. 
OmegaMax Maximizes the Power of X 
The science behind OmegaMax is in its name. Omega (Ω) is the symbol that represents solid angle. Maximized solid angle is the most important measure of an optimized EDX system. To be most effective an EDX detector requires either larger, closer, or multiple silicon drift detectors (SDDs). The optimized OmegaMax system enables all three. 
Performance Increased up to 25X 
By integrating sensor modules directly into the EXpressx product platform, the system provides more than 3X the solid angle using the same sensor size. The direct integration of EDX detectors into the specimen chamber also accommodates the integration of up to four sensors in a range of sizes—from 5 mm2 to 30 mm2—offering up to 25X performance gains.
Electron Microscope Type SEM
Resolution (nm) 30 nm
Additional Specifications Feature Detection Range: 100 nm to 5 mm 
Detectors: Quad BSED & SDD 
EDX Resolution: 130 eV 
Window Options: 5 mm2 UTW, 10 mm2 UTW, 10 mm2 Be, 30 mm2 UTW* 
Lightest Element Detection: Boron 
Accelerating Voltage: 5, 10, 15, 20 KeV 
Stage Movement: 80 x 100mm XY (R*) 
Vacuum System: High-Vac & Low-Vac Variable Pressure 
Software: Perception 2, optional AFA (Automated Feature Analysis)


  • Count particles faster 
  • Collect particle chemistry faster 
  • Patented filament and column liner allows you to maintain uptime 
  • A high takeoff angle of the detectors for less x-ray absorption and screening 
  • Both beryllium window detectors and ultra-thin window units for detection down to boron 


ASPEX EXpressx

ASPEX EXpressx

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