ChromNAV is a powerful modular software designed for a variety of chromatography applications from fast analysis using UHPLC and SFC to routine analytical separations to the control of preparative chromatography using intelligent fractionation.     
Built around a server based error free ethernet protocol, instrument control and data acquisition is designed for 24/7 fault free operation. JASCO’s proprietary LC-Net II protocol gives the highest data reliability even for high acquisition rates used by UHPLC PDA detectors.     
The ChromNAV user interface is a modern design with a typical look and feel similar to many common programs that run in Windows XP and Windows 7 operating systems. With the easy-to-use intuitive, and versatile interface; everything from instrument set-up, to sequence control, to data analysis and advanced reporting can be learned very quickly.


  • Easy to operate and easy to learn     
  • Controls JASCO X-LC Series, LC-2000 Series, LC-1500 Series, and more     
  • Controls up to four systems simultaneously     
  • Collect data from third party detectors such as ECD or radiochemical detectors     
  • Data sampling rates up to 100 Hz and is compatible with UHPLC detectors     
  • PDA Detector control and data analysis as standard     




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JASCO specializes in analytical instruments for spectroscopy and chromatography applications, with over 50 years of experience. JASCO's worldwide presence,...

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