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LabKlenz 120

LabKlenz™ 120 Mild Alkaline Detergent is specially formulated to meet the unique cleaning and materials compatibility requirements found in laboratory glassware washing applications.   
LabKlenz 120 Mild Alkaline Detergent is a phosphate-free, liquid, alkaline detergent for use in automated laboratory glassware washing applications. It is compatible with a variety of substrates including stainless steel, mild steel, and copper. It is extremely free rinsing to meet critical laboratory requirements.    
pH (1%): 9.4, typical
LabKlenz 120
Additional Specifications Part Number - Quantity:   
  • 1L1205 - 5 GAL-BUCKET   


  • Efficacy - Effective removal of laboratory residues in both soft and hard water    
  • Flexibility - Mild alkalinity for better materials compatibility    
  • Cost Savings - Reduces utility consumption and cleaning time due with low foaming, free-rinsing formulation   
  • Environmentally Friendly - phosphate-free formulation with biodegradable surfactants   
  • Reliability - Manufactured in a cGMP compliant, FDA registered and ISO 9001 certified facility    


LabKlenz 120 Alkaline Detergent

LabKlenz 120 Alkaline Detergent

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