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Acquiring, processing, reporting, reviewing and approving data is a streamlined series of operations in PerkinElmer®’s TotalChrom® Chromatography Data System (CDS) software, designed to fit your laboratory workflow and maximize productivity. With its scalable architecture, 21 CFR Part 11 compliance features and proven algorithms, TotalChrom offers a computing strategy to manage your chromatography data quickly and securely in both regulated and non-regulated environments. TotalChrom data systems can be deployed in standalone, thin client, or enterprise client/server computing environments.


  • Advanced design for injection valve flushing and external needle wash reduces carryover – offers a 0.005% carryover specification.             
  • Impressive injection linearity for uncompromised quantitative analysis and method development.             
  • Boasts the industry’s best on-board automated derivatization/dilution performance of any analytical autosampler. It is now easy and takes little time to prepare solutions for calibration curves and internal standard (ISTD) addition.             
  • Easily interchangeable, cost-effective sample trays. Choose from over 13 different tray/sampling formats. High-capacity sample trays can accommodate up to 225 vials or two 96- or two 384-well plates with full control of needle level within sample vials/trays and on-board temperature control.           
  • The Series 200 UV/Vis supports the full UV/Vis range from 190 to 700 nm           
  • Several flow cell formats to choose from to meet your specific application requirements in analytical, semi-prep or micro-bore environments.         


Series 200 HPLC Systems

Series 200 HPLC Systems

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unable to use machine because of non availability of software

Error 993 seize failed & 984 9 error 61 at B

in one of system with manual injector systems sometimes initialize and become ready to use but sometimes after initialization this gives error as mentioned above. Can somebody help me in resolving this issueDkgupta

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