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The Agilent 5500 AFM/SPM microscope offers numerous unique features, such as patented top-down scanning and unrivalled environmental and temperature control, while providing maximum flexibility and modularity. The universal microscope base permits easy integration with an environmental chamber or an inverted optical microscope. Sample preparation is made easy with our unique sample plates designed for your application including imaging in fluids.           
A top-down optical axis through the scanner allows an unobstructed view of the cantilever and the sample without sacrificing sample handling. The scanner’s modular nose cone makes changing imaging modes quick and easy. The Agilent 5500 SPM/AFM is a high performance system that facilitates advanced applications solutions. It offers atomic resolution and is ideal for electrochemistry, polymers, and soft material applications.
Microscope Type Atomic Force
Part Number N9410S
Additional Specifications
    Power: 100 - 120VAC or       
    220 - 240VAC 1A; 50 - 60Hz       
    Acoustic Noise: <75 dBc       
    Temperature Variation: Does not exceed ± 2° F       
    Humidity Variation: Does not exceed ± 20% RH       


  • Highly modular microscope and scanner           
  • Optional Integrated environmental & temperature control           
  • Easy fluid operation with open cell           
  • Easy sample access with top-down scanning           


5500 Atomic Force Microscope

5500 Atomic Force Microscope

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Technical problems

Hello, I am using Agilent Technoligies 5500 AFM microscope (Model: N9451A) and have some problems. It is very complicated to approach the tip to sample because it is lying on the sample or is very high from the sample. If I finaly get right...

Imaging quality

Dear Sir/ Madam, I used the Agilent Technology AFM 5500 machine to do surface characterization but the issue I am having currently is the image quality. Please, how do I improve my image quality. Thanks

The screw didn't work

Hi, the AFM our lab using is 5500SPM. However the screw that controls the scanning up and down did not work when we screw the screw that controls the detector to move up and down. I wonder what happened to this screw and how should we fix this issue...

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