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Our compact, low cost Model MM-1 Digital Auto-Range Multimeter is ideal for general electrical testing and troubleshooting. This full function multimeter measures DC and AC voltage to 600 V, DC and AC current to 10 A and resistance to 400 Ohms. In addition to volts, amps and ohms, this meter includes audible continuity, diode, LED and transistor hFE tests. The rotary switch allows you to select from any of the functions quickly and easily. The 4 digit backlit LCD features value, mode, and low battery indication. The rugged, high impact case is double injected for excellent strength and durability. The Model MM-1 is furnished with black and red test leads, two AAA batteries and carrying case with belt loop.
Height 81.5 mm
Width 44 mm
Power Requirements 2 AAA batteries.
Weight 666 g
Part Number MM-1
Additional Specifications Overvoltage Category: CAT IV 600 V, CAT III 1000 V. 
DC Voltage: 0.1 mV to 600 V (0.8% + 2 digits). 
AC Voltage: 0.001 V to 600 V (0.8% + 3 digits). 
DC Current: 0.01 A to 10 A (1.2% + 3 digits). 
AC Current: 0.01 A to 10 A (1.2% + 3 digits). 
Resistance: 400, 4K, 40K, 400K, 4M, 40M ± (1.0% + 2 digits). 
Protection: 600 Vrms.  
Frequency: 0.01 Hz to 99.99 kHz. 
Duty Cycle: 20 to 80% ± (1.0% + 5 digit). 
Capacitance: 5n, 50n, 500n, 5u, 50u, 100uF ± (3% + 5 digit).



Model MM-1

Model MM-1

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