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Air LiHa

The Air LiHa uses air displacement technology to provide rapid, high quality pipetting for Freedom EVO 100, 150 or 200 platforms. It can be freely combined with other arms, including the Liquid LiHa (liquid displacement Liquid Handling Arm) and the MCA (MultiChannel Arm™) pipetting options, resulting in true parallel processing and increasing the productivity of the overall system
Air LiHa
Additional Specifications Pipetting range: 0.5 – 1000 Μl     
Free dispense: down to 0.5 Μl     
Resolution: 0.1 Μl     
Plunger drive: Brushless motor-driven piston with integrated encoder     
Symmetric spacing in y-direction: 9 - 38 mm     
Tip compatibility: 10, 50, 200 and 1000 Μl LiHa disposable tips (Tecan Standard. Tecan Pure or Tecan Sterile purity, with or without filters)     
Liquid level detection: Capacitive liquid level detection (cLLD)     
Pressure-based liquid level detection (pLLD)      
Pipetting performance: Pressure Monitored Pipetting(PMP)


  • A broad volume range from 0.5 to 1000 Μl per channel     
  • Free dispense down to 0.5µl possible     
  • Available with four or eight individual pipetting channels     
  • Independent z-axis movement and symmetrically variable tip spacing from 9 to 38 mm     
  • User exchangeable inline filter prevents liquid being drawn into the pipetting channel     
    Main benefits     
  • Satisfies your assay demands for high pipetting quality and reliability     
  • Offers you greater convenience through elimination of system liquid     
  • Increases your system productivity and reduces laboratory costs through lower maintenance requirements     
  • Minimise your setup time with Freedom EVOware's ease of use     
  • Maximise walkaway time with superior error detection, reporting and recovery     


  • Air LiHa
  • Air LiHa (Air displacement pipetting arm)
Air LiHa

Air LiHa

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