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FluoDia T70 is a filter-based high temperature fluorescence microplate reader. It is an excellent platereader for people who want to measure fluorescence intensity.    
As an outstanding fluorescence instrumentation company that has been in the market for over twenty years, PTI has received frequent inquiries from our customers to develop a fluorescence microplate reader for them for over 15 years. At the beginning, we tried different approaches in order to provide our customers with a fluorescence microplate reader that would be an add-on unit to our existing systems and would surpass those microplate readers in the market in terms of its fluorescence measurement capability. After numerous attempts, PTI finally came to the conclusion that it is technically impossible to develop a microplate reader as an add-on unit that can meet our company's high standards for fluorescence measurements. So PTI decided to join forces with Otsuka Electronics Co., Ltd, a Japanese scientific instrumentation company who had made numerous plate readers for various companies such as Pharmacia on an OEM basis. The combination of PTI's expertise in fluorescence measurements and Otsuka's expertise in microplate reader instrumentation brings to the market an outstanding new product: The FluoDia T70 high temperature Microplate Reader under the trade name of FluoDia T70 with both PTI's trademark and Otsuka's trademark (Photal).
Detection Method Photon counting
Detection Mode Fluorescence Intensity
Detector Side-on type PMT
Sample Formats 6-384 well plates, strip tubes, 1536 well plates (optional)
Scanning Speed Approx. 51 sec/96 wells (if measured per well)
Wavelength Range 185 to 830 nm
Microplate Size 96-well
Shaking No
Software External
Temperature Control Yes
Depth 505 mm
Height 200 mm
Width 380 mm
Power Requirements 120 V/230 V/100 V, 50/60 Hz
Weight 20 kg
Additional Specifications Linearity: Correlation coefficiency = 0.995   
Sensitivity: 2.4 fmol/well fluorescein; 4-MUF: 0.1 pmol/well


This is the ability of the platereader to give repeatedly the same results, i.e. no inaccuracy due to equipment. This ultimately limits the measurement capability of an instrument. High reproducibility makes it possible to monitor minor changes in a signal that would otherwise be considered as the standard deviation of the machine. The FluoDia T70 has an excellent reproducibility and homogeneity partially due to its built-in ability for automatic sensing of the well center and the automatic calibration by use of a fluorescence calibration plate. It has very low background signals.   
Sensitivity is the cornerstone of any good fluorescence instrument. It defines the equipments minimum detection capability. The FluoDia T70 is one of the most sensitive fluorescence plate readers on the market. It can read as low as 2.4 fmol/well of sodium fluorescein. Since fluorescence measurement is always related to low signal, sensitivity is always the number one priority for a customer, especially when they are screening a large number of samples for very few samples of actual interest. The sample that they are interested in may well be the one that is under the detection limit of a competitor instrument, but above the detection limit of our FluoDia T70.   
Temperature Control   
The FluoDia T70 has the best temperature control capability of any platereader on the market. No other model of platereader can compare with it when temperature control is considered. The upper temperature limit is 75°C, the highest on the market.   
Dynamic Range   
This defines the range of measurement over which the machine is capable of measuring. The FluoDia T70 has the widest dynamic range of all plate readers on the market. It can detect signals within 7 levels of magnitude. None of the other plate readers have a dynamic range that is this wide. The wide dynamic range is especially important for microplate readers since they are used to measure hundreds or even thousands of samples at the same time. The widest dynamic range of FluoDia T70 allows samples with dramatic signal differences to be measured in the same plate.




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Great machine - shame about the software

Overall Satisfaction Rating: 3 out of 5
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This is a pretty remarkable plate fluorimeter.  The sensitivity is exquisite, and it can operate at higher temperatures than any other...

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