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Advantage 785

The Advantage 785 is our most popular NIR system. Fluorescence usually stems from minor impurities that absorb the laser excitation and emit at the same wavelengths as Raman scattering. This system greatly reduces or eliminates competing fluorescence found in samples using visible excitation. The Advantage 785 comes with a library of over 1200 materials. (808 nm also available)
Advantage 785
Part Number 785
Additional Specifications Laser Power: 120 mW* Diode 
* Power Adjustable 
Resolution Across Range: 3-5 cm-1 
Spectral Range: 200-2000 cm-1 100-2000 cm-1 option 
Fiber Optic Options: Available


  • Pharmaceutical Material Analysis and verification, cGMP   
  • Surface Science/Monolayer Analysis/SERS   
  • Medical Cell Tissue and Assay Research   
  • Polymer Composition and Structure   
  • Unknown Material ID   


Advantage 785 Near Infrared

Advantage 785 Near Infrared

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I have an older DeltaNu - Advantage 785 (about 9 years old) and have currently run out of the little desiccant cartridges and was wondering where I could find/purchase them. Thanks!

lost of the software

We changed the computer, and lost the software.

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Hello, I am from the Johnson materials lab located here at the University of Wyoming and my advisor Dr. Patrick Johnson has two Raman Spectrometers and we need the NuView software from DeltaNu for our spectrometers. Where can we buy the license to...

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