DeltaNu Advantage 1064


Advantage 1064

The Advantage 1064 features the longest wavelength excitation available in a dispersive Raman spectrometer. This system reduces analysis time to seconds when compared with FT-Raman and features extremely low-cooled InGaAs detection at -60°C. (-90°C option available).
Advantage 1064
Part Number 1064
Additional Specifications Laser Power: 1000 mW*       
* Power Adjustable       
Resolution Across Range: 9-11 cm-1       
Spectral Range: 200-2000 cm-1       
Fiber Optic Options: Available


  • Natural products and complex samples, i.e., engine oils       


Advantage 1064

Advantage 1064

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How to find out if the laser is working

Hi, I was wondering how can I make sure if the laser is operating properly? Thanks a lot,

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