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RockHound™ is a handheld, easy to use field analysis spectrometer that gives students, teachers and researchers all the benefits of Raman spectroscopy outside of a laboratory setting. Using a simple point and shoot attachment, RockHound obtains the Raman signature of minerals, rocks and soils. Unknown samples are identified by comparing each one with a library containing more than 500 samples. The basic library can be appended with newly identified samples to assist in future spectral identification of unknown geological specimens. RockHound weighs less than five pounds and can work continuously for up to five hours on its rechargeable battery and operates remotely from a laptop via Bluetooth® or connected to a PC through its USB cable. Samples can also be taken back to the laboratory and further analyzed using DeltaNu’s NuScope™ digital optical microscope accessory. RockHound is the only portable Raman spectrometer designed specifically for geological sciences.
Weight 5 lbs
Additional Specifications Laser: 120mW 785 nm 
Resolution: 8 cm -1 
Spectral Range: 200 - 2000 cm -1


  • Characterization of inclusions embedded in a geological matrix 
  • Identification of daughter minerals and other organic components 
    within geological materials 
  • Molecular structure and stoichiometry studies 
  • Assays for inorganic and organic components in liquids. 
  • Classification and authentification of gemstones. 
    Solids: point and shoot attachment 
  • Liquids: sample cell attachment for 8mm vials, NMR tubes or MP 
  • Microscopy: Optional microscope attachment (NuScope™) 
  • One year parts and labor warranty 




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