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FlowSyn is a compact integrated continuous flow reactor designed for easy, safe and efficient operation.   
Two high pressure pumps deliver reagents, via a mixer, into electrically heated or cooled flow reactors. Back pressure regulators pressurise the system, allowing solvents to be superheated. Reaction outputs can be fractionated or optimised at steady state, after which the system automatically flushes itself ready for the next experiment.   
Uniqsis offers a comprehensive range of FlowSyn models and flowpath options (PEEK, PTFE, Stainless Steel and Hastelloy®) to cater for all major flow chemistry applications.


  • Run small scale reactions using sample loops or scale u
  • [ using bottles   
  • Interchange reactors in minutes Option to wind your own coils   
  • Run superheated chemistry routinely up to 260C   
  • Active pressure monitoring for unattended operation    
  • Easy, intuitive interface for reaction set up and control   
At the forefront of flow reactor design, FlowSyn from Uniqsis is the platform of choice within major pharmaceutical companies and academic research laboratories around the world. And this is why:   
Outstanding performance   
  • Accurate, uniform temperature control from -70°C to +260°C   
  • Pressure up to 1400 psi: Perform superheated reactions routinely   
  • Automated reactions: Allows unattended operation   
  • Maximum reproducibility thanks to specially designed mixers and reactors   
  • Chemical compatibility: Choice of materials for the flow path   
  • Excellent reaction visibility   
Outstanding flexibility   
  • Choose modules for reaction profiling and optimisation, and library synthesis   
  • Choose from reactors for homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions   
  • Switch between configurations in minutes   
  • Add extra pump modules for downstream additions   
  • Choose between manual and automated control   
Outstanding safety   
  • All pressurised parts contained within a Plexiglass alarmed safety cover   
  • Automatic shutdown in the event of a leak or blockage   
  • Pressure and temperature limits automatically determined by system   
  • High performance connections and tubing prevent tubing blow-outs   


The FlowSyn System

The FlowSyn System

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Uniqsis was founded in January 2007 and is an alliance between Asynt, the specialist supplier of organic synthesis apparatus, and Grant Instruments Ltd,...

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