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Protea's Amplus wide-pore core shell HPLC columns allow you to overcome the challenges associated with proteomic LCMS analysis. The Amplus 2.6 µm wide-pore particles provide ample space for intact protein samples to move through the beads so that analytes are separated primarily by hydrophobicity and size exclusion effects are minimized. Due to the core shell design, Amplus columns offer UHPLC performance, lending themselves to more efficient chromatography methods, which lead to shorter run times and faster results. Amplus columns are available in 3 stationary phases and in 2 pore sizes to suit your specific proteomic method needs.
pH Range 2 to 8
Additional Specifications Chemistries:    
C4, C8, and C18   
Internal column diameters:    
2.1, 3.0, and 4.6mm   
Column lengths:    
30, 50, 75, 100, and 150mm   
Max temperature:    
Max pressure:    
600 bar (8700 PSI)


Features and Benefits:   
  • UHPLC-like performance using HPLC equipment   
  • Core shell design increases overall column efficiency   
  • 300 Å pore size allows separation of large, intact proteins   
  • High efficiency and low back-pressure ensure faster run times   
Research Applications:   
  • Top-down Proteomics   
  • Biomarker Discovery   
  • Intact Protein analysis   
  • PTM analysis   
  • Bottom up proteomics, including peptide mapping   
  • Biopharmaceutical QC   


Amplus HPLC columns

Amplus HPLC columns

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