CDS Analytical 7400 Autosampler


7400 Autosampler

Soil Mode: 
  • 72 position autosampler, with removable sample trays for 40 ml VOA Vials, 3 trays of 24 
  • Internal Standard addition (2 Μl) (soil samples require water addition) 
  • Automated water addition in 5 ml aliquots (requires 5 ml sample loop) 
  • Soil heater to 80°C 
  • Magnetic stirrer (3 speed control) 
  • The chemically inert sample pathways are made of PEEK®, Stainless Steel, glass, or electroformed nickel 
  • Computer interface 
  • Ability to change analysis matrix from tray to tray (manual or automatic options) 
Water Mode: 
  • 72 position autosampler, with removable sample trays for 40 ml VOA Vials, 3 trays of 24 
  • Internal Standard addition (2 µl) 
  • Water sample volumes are based on a sample loop (5 ml and 25 ml sample loops provided) 
  • Programmable rinses between runs 
  • Programmable blank analyses 
  • Programmable replicate/triplicate analyses 
7400 Autosampler
Additional Specifications Tray Capacity: 
0-999.9 minutes 
Sample Weight: 
as per method 
Sample Volume: 
based on sample loop 
Operating Temperature: 
15°C to 35°C 
Relative Humidity: 
10 to 90% 
Line Voltage: 
115 Vac ± 15%, 230 Vac ± 15%, 50/60 Hz ± 3 Hz


  • Pick and Place robotic arm 
  • 3 removable trays (72 sample) 
  • Water Station - for transfer of water to Purge and Trap 
  • Soil Mode - includes sample heating and stirring for dynamic headspace 
  • Internal standard reservoir 
  • Chemically inert sample pathway 
  • 5 ml water addition loop (behind the autosampler) 
  • Removable pneumatics/plumbing tray (behind the autosampler) 


CDS Model 7400 Autosampler

CDS Model 7400 Autosampler

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