SPEX SamplePrep 6970 Freezer/Mill®


6970 Freezer/Mill®

SPEX's 6970D Freezer/Mill® is a powerful, high-throughput, cryogenic mill. It was specifically designed to grind tough, temperature sensitive samples with the use of magnetically-driven impactors. It has dual grinding chambers that accommodates samples from 0.5 - 200 grams (0.6 - 50 mL). These chambers can be programmed for independent operation and different protocols, providing flexibility and speed.   
Applications include: DNA/RNA extraction, THC extraction, protein extraction, forensic testing, materials testing, pharmaceutical analysis, drug testing, RoHS/WEEE and volatiles extraction.   
Typical samples include: Animal tissue, plastic and polymers, yeast, pharmaceuticals, food products, electronic components, textiles, hair, teeth, bones, plant tissue such as cannabis, seeds, leaves and roots.

* This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

6970 Freezer/Mill®
Sample Size 0.1 - 100g
Depth 18.25 in
Height 22 in
Width 17 in
Power Requirements 115V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz


  • For samples that are impossible to grind at ambient temperature.   
  • Backed by SPEX SamplePrep's 40 years of experience in cryogenic grinding.   
  • Ideal for grinding bone, teeth, hair, tough plant and animal tissue, textiles, plastics, pharmaceuticals and more.   
  • DNA/RNA extraction without shearing.   
  • No loss of volatile compounds.   
  • Samples are maintained at Liquid Nitrogen (LN) temperatures.   
  • Vials can be cleaned or discarded to eliminate possibility of contamination.   
  • Totally enclosed LN auto-fill system with no LN exposure.   
  • CE Compliant.   
  • Unique maintenance free design, only one moving part.   
  • Entire system is controlled by a touch screen interface capable of storing up to 10 grinding programs for rapid process replication and consistency.   
  • Grinding vials available in a range of sizes from 0.6 to 100g.
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    The Freezer Mill 6970, produces a lot of condensaton. I'm searching for a solution.


    Is there any type of water collection system, that the 6970 can be placed on top of to collect the condensation the machine produces, that also utilizes a method of anti-vibration so not to disrupt the use of balances? 

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