EPPENDORF Mastercycler nexus X1


Mastercycler nexus X1

Pure Silver 
The new Mastercycler nexus X1 combines the modern and intuitive software from the Mastercycler nexus with a fast 96-well silver block for increased heating and cooling rates. 
It is fast, easy to use, does not need much space or energy and sends you an e-mail when it is done—what else do you need from a PCR cycler? 
Combine, Connect, Control 
  • Combine up to 3 units for maximum throughput! 
  • Connect your Mastercycler nexus to your computer network and get a status e-mail to your desk! 
  • Control all the relevant parameters of your PCR through the intuitive software 
Do you need a fast, intuitive and reliable PCR instrument? 
The Mastercycler nexus X1 is exactly that. It brings the reliability and ease of use of Mastercycler nexus at the speed of a silver block. Low energy consumption, easy expansion to 3 units and a small footprint make it even more attractive.
Mastercycler nexus X1
Depth 41.2 cm
Height 32.1 cm
Width 25 cm
Power Requirements 230 V, 50–60 Hz
Peak Power 540 W
Additional Specifications Sample capacity:  
96 × 0.2 ml PCR tubes or 1 × 96-well PCR plate 
Temperature control range of the block:  
4–99 °C 
Temperature control mode:  
Fast, Standard, Safe 
Heating technology of the block:  
Peltier elements, Triple Circuit Technology 
Lid temperature range:  
37-110 °C 
Lid descent and closing pressure:  
flexlid™ technology, with Thermal Sample Protection 
Block homogeneity:  
20-72 °C: ? ±0.3 ° 
95 °C: ? ± 0.4°C  
Block temperature accuracy:  
±0.2 °C 
Heating rate*:  
ca. 5 °C/s 
Cooling rate*:  
ca. 3.5 °C/s 
Sound power levels:  
? 40 dB(A)


  • Heating rate: 5°C/s 
  • Fast silver block 
  • Small footprint 
  • Intuitive graphic programming 
  • Up to two other units can be connected to a central unit 
  • E-mail notification 
  • flexlid concept: automatic height adjustment of the lid allows you to use all types of consumables 
  • 2-year warranty 
  • Optional self-test functionality 
  • Fast PCR 
  • Standard PCR 
  • Cycle sequencing 


Mastercycler nexus X1

Mastercycler nexus X1

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