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PA 800 plus

The PA 800 plus Pharmaceutical Analysis System* was designed in collaboration with biopharmaceutical development and QC groups. This platform provides analysts with robust and easy-to-use characterization, integrating quantitative, qualitative and automated solutions for protein purity, charge isoform distribution and glycan analysis. During the design of the PA 800 plus, Beckman Coulter emphasized assay portability, enhancing the overall system utility in multi-user, multi-instrument facilities.       
The PA 800 plus Pharmaceutical Analysis System provides a comprehensive, automated, and quantitative solution for the characterization and analysis of proteins. Innovative system design ensures dependable operation and durability. The PA 800 plus application menu includes SDS-gel molecular weight analysis, charge heterogeneity analysis utilizing advanced capillary isoelectric focusing technology, and carbohydrate profiling for the assessment of glycoprotein microheterogeneity. Modular design provides for the simple interchange of detectors.
PA 800 plus
Electropheresis Type Capillary
Depth 28.4 in
Height 29.2 in with door closed
Width 25 in
Power Requirements Voltage 100 - 240 V 50/60 Hz
Weight 188 lbs
Additional Specifications Mercury Content:        
Item Contains Mercury - Dispose According to State/Local Law       
Height with Door Open:        
38.8 in (98.6 cm)       
Buffer Tray:        
2 x 36 universal vials       
Current Range:        
3 to 300 ΜA programmable at 0.1 ΜA Increments       
Diode Array       
Pressure Range:        
-5 to +100 psi       
Sample Temperature Control:        
4°C - 60°C       
Capillary Temperature Control:        
15°C - 60°C       
Sample Tray:        
2 x 96-well plates, 2 x 48 2 mL vials, 2 x 48 0.5 mL vials, 2 x 48 PCR vials       
Voltage Range:        
1 to 30 kV programmable at 0.1 kV Increments


Automated applications provide reproducible and quantitative results:       
  • High resolution SDS-gel separation for protein purity determination       
  • Automated, Quantitative IgG Purity Analysis       
  • Advanced capillary Isoelectric Focusing (cIEF) for charge heterogeneity analysis       
  • Carbohydrate profiling for assessment of glycoprotein microheterogeneity       
Simplified operations and a robust platform enhance operational efficiency:       
  • Specialized software quickly guides routine users from set-up through results       
  • Innovations in system design ensure dependable operation and durability, with minimal maintenance       
  • Modular UV, photodiode array and laser-induced fluorescence detectors can be easily interchanged       
The PA 800 plus System includes:       
  • High-resolution Separation Module       
  • High-sensitivity UV, PDA, and Solid-state Laser-induced Fluorescence Detection       
  • Sample Storage Temperature Control       
  • High-speed System Controller with 32 Karat™ Version 9.0 and PA 800 plus software       
  • Validated Applications for SDS-MW, IgG, cIEF, and Glycan Analysis       
  • Starter Kit Containing Necessary Hardware Supplies to Operate the System       
  • Installation Qualification and Operation Qualification of the System       
  • System Application Installation and Training       
The PA 800 plus Pharmaceutical Analysis system, the PA 800S plus provides an automated and quantitative solution for the analysis of protein purity and molecular weight utilizing SDS-gel capillary electrophoresis. The innovative system design ensures dependable operation and durability. Additional detectors are available for future upgrades.


PA 800 plus Pharmaceutical Analysis System

PA 800 plus Pharmaceutical Analysis System

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