Beckman Coulter L8-55M



The Beckman L8-55M Ultracentrifuge, Model L8-55MV, is microprocesser controlled which allows 9 acceleration and 10 deceleration profiles.

* This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

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L8-55M Ultracentrifuge

L8-55M Ultracentrifuge

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Main drive will not start

I have an L8-55 beckman that the other day decided it will no longer spin. You set up a run and hit auto run and the LED flashes above the auto run button and then shuts down after 15 seconds. None of diagnostic messages light up after this. The...

missing supply

We have a Beckman L8-55M and I have found the +12 volt supply to be missing. The +5, -12 and +24 are all fine. Is there a fuse or where does this supply come from? A schematic would be great? Thx Link

L8-55 centrifuge

Our ultracentrifuge will not reach full speed. When you open the top, there is a fine mist inside, doesn't smell like pump oil. We recharged the refrigerant, and the unit holds temperature, and vacuum pulls down fine. This unit was manufactured...

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