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PharmaID is the smallest, lightest solution for cost-effective, non-destructive pharmaceutical identification. This palm-sized, easy to use handheld Raman spectrometer identifies and validates excipients and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) wherever testing is needed. PharmaID can be used for the various phases of process analytical technology (PAT) systems and supports 21 CFR Part 11 protocols to assist with regulatory compliance.   
PharmaID analyzes liquids, powders, solids and gels, even through glass or plastic packaging. This portable Raman spectrometer requires no user contact with the samples, eliminating the risk of exposure or contamination. By comparing the Raman spectra of the tested sample against that of the chemicals stored in a pre-loaded, user-expandable spectral library, test results appear in seconds on its highly visible OLED display.   
SciAps has partnered with CAMO Software to enable this portable Raman system with pass/fail results. PharmaID can operate continuously for more than four hours on its rechargeable battery and connects via USB to a PC or wirelessly with its Bluetooth® interface. Available accessories include a Bluetooth barcode reader, point and shoot and right angle tips with adjustable focal depths, disposable tip covers and glass vial holders and vials.
Depth 1.75 in
Height 6 in
Width 3 in
Power Requirements 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, AC to DC wall adapter or USB connecor to charge PC, optional car adapter
Weight 397 g
Additional Specifications Raman Spectrum Range: 300 – 2500 cm-1   
Spectral Resolution: 8 – 10 cm-1 FWHM across range   
Laser: 785 nm, 120mW, <100 MHz nm line width, VBG Single Mode Stability <0.05 cm-1   
Collection Optics: Free Space Design, circulized and collimated output beam, 0.7 mm diameter   
System Stability: Frequency stability <0.07 cm-1 and error <0.6%. Intensity stability <1% on 1000 scans of toluene.   
Exposure and Sampling Time: Auto exposure, Manual option, Normal total sampling time is less than 20s   
Battery: Rechargeable Li battery, 4 hours operation, recharge 2 hours after full discharge   
Operating Temperature: -20° – 40° C   
Bar Code Operation: Optional external bar code reader with Bluetooth communications   
Sampling Accessories: Vial Holder, Point-and-Shoot, Right Angle   
Compliance: FDA 1040, 21 CFR part 11, CE certification, MilSpec 810 G Vibration, Drop, Immersion, NEMA4, IP67   
Protocols/Standards for Compliance: NIST and ASTM traceable polystyrene, IQ/OQ/PQ procedures and documentation available


  • Reliable results in seconds   
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant   
  • Palm-sized, one-handed use   
  • Rapid return on investment   
  • Analysis through containers and packaging   
  • Easy and powerful method management with pass/fail analysis   
  • Outstanding graphics, plots, data importation, auditing, and user controls   




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