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Nikon’s SMZ25 stereomicroscope combines macro and micro imaging in one instrument for convenient viewing and manipulation of single cells to whole organisms. Using Nikon’s Perfect Zoom System optical technology, the SMZ25 achieves the world’s first 25:1 zoom and high NA for superior resolution never before seen with a stereomicroscope. Using these innovative optics and a fly-eye lens, crystal clear fluorescent images with improved S/N ratios are possible, even in low-excitation light applications such as cell division. Additionally, even at low magnifications, the SMZ25 has a 35mm F.O.V, allowing users to capture an entire 35mm dish with uniform brightness.   
* Available July 1, 2013
Microscope Type Stereo
Additional Specifications Zooming Body   
Optical System:    
Parallel-optics type (zooming type), apochromatic optical system   
Zoom Ratio:    
Zoom Range:    
Aperture Diaphragm:    
Zooming body built-in   
Objectives NA, WD (mm)   
P2-SHR Plan Apo 2x:    
0.312, 20 (with a correction ring for water 0 to 3mm in depth)   
P2-SHR Plan Apo 1.6×:    
0.25, 30   
P2-SHR Plan Apo 1×:    
0.156, 60   
P2-SHR Plan Apo 0.5×:    
0.078, 71


  • All-new "Perfect Zoom System" Offers New Levels of Imaging Power and Versatility   
  • World's Largest Zoom Range Enables High Resolution Macro to Micro Imaging    
  • Auto Link Zoom (ALZ) Provides Seamless Viewing at Different Magnifications   
  • Brighter and Higher Contrast Epi-fluorescence Imaging    
  • Improved Signal-to-Noise Ratios   
  • Advanced Motorization and Digital Imaging Capabilities   
  • Wide Range of Available Accessories   


SMZ25 Research Stereomicroscope

SMZ25 Research Stereomicroscope

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